The Incredible Wisdom Derived from Connecting Data


“NAVIS has had a huge impact on our business and has taught us how to use our ‘data’ to the fullest extent.”

Sheila Hauser, Director of Marketing, Collins Vacation Rentals

Programmer Daniel Keys Moran said, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” Further to this, you cannot have informative data in the absence of connectivity.

If the front desk never speaks to housekeeping how can housekeeping know a guest needs an extra pillow? If marketing doesn’t speak to revenue management how can marketing know that a package is not seeing demand? All of these are communications that can be automated—and often are nowadays.

Data is no different. If your reservations solution and CRM is not integrated with your PMS, you will end up managing listing leads via email, revenue in your PMS, and sometimes even using sticky notes to capture essential information, which inevitably leads to critical mistakes with guests.

If, however, all systems are integrated you will have accurate revenue attribution and past stay data for more robust targeted marketing and more effective – marketing to agent results. At the end of the day, this meant our clients chose not to use their data because they didn’t trust it.

With PMS integration, our clients see the following business benefits:

Improved Marketing Campaigns and More Revenue

– With actual booking revenue coming from the PMS integration, our clients can measure campaign ROI through PPC reporting and other customizable reports; optimize spend; and create more revenue.

– With integrated systems, you can better target segments that may be coming from outside sources like OTAs and turn what could have been a one-time stay in to a loyal lifetime guest. For instance, a NAVIS client in Santa Barbara, California, appealed to an OTA guest ten days after departure by offering a waived resort fee incentive for future stays. They saw a 50% open rate, 14% click-thru-rate, and a return of $7 per email delivered. To this same end, a NAVIS client in Squaw Valley offered a 20% discount off a future stay to OTA guests and saw a return of $29 per delivered email. In both cases, this automated, ongoing revenue required integrating their systems.

Better Agent Performance

– With added quality measures available, such as revenue per lead and revenue per booking, our clients add dimension to their agent evaluations and increase performance.

– NAVIS clients use the “Seven Non-Negotiables” to guide agent performance. Areas of weakness are identified and performance-based incentives are put in place to improve the overall team performance.

Increased Conversions

– With past stay history integrated, NAVIS clients have instant intelligence available at the point of sale, which means truly personalized service and increased conversion rates.

– More and more research shows that guests don’t mind their personal information being used to improve their experience. In a Harvard Business Review study, customers who had the best past experience spent 140% more compared to those who had a poor experience.

Fewer Errors

– Our clients benefit from making decisions based on real-time, true data that has not been manually manipulated. Despite our best intentions, manual sorting of data and compiling of reports will inevitably result in errors. And when sorting out where the error may have come from, manual review to unravel the error can be even trickier than compiling the data in the first place.

– Having real-time access to a multitude of reports and filtering will allow all stakeholders to see the data they want when they want it in the digital age.

Solid In-House Support & Rapid Issue Resolution

– As NAVIS has grown, we have ensured all systems are maintained in-house. We are never the middlemen between our clients and their data management, phone service, or trainers. If ever there is an issue with data—or any other aspect of NAVIS service, we resolve it rapidly—and we do it ourselves.

According to a survey of 359 NAVIS clients (conducted by TechValidate):

  • 71% say that NAVIS has helped improve staff performance
  • 50% say that they know their guests and prospects better
  • 48% say that they have improved marketing ROI measurement
  • 43% say they have been able to unlock intelligence in their data

Each and every one of these business improvements is in some way attributable to data integration. You can’t have information without data, and you can’t have informative data without properly connecting integral systems.



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