The Dangers of a Good Enough Platform

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WHITE PAPER INTRODUCTION THE DANGERS OF A "GOOD-ENOUGH" PLATFORM If you've ever remodeled, replaced a roof, or landscaped a yard, you've probably had an experience with contractors and therefore understand that whole cliché about the lowest bidder and the quality of work. As astronaut Alan Shepard once said, "It's a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one's safety was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract." Oen, the lowest bidder leaves you with a messy job, a job not finished, or a job not done right. In such cases, the result is tons of heartache and a far more expensive project than if you'd based your decision on the quality of work. When it comes to saving time and getting more bang for your buck, investing in the highest quality product available makes better sense in the long run. This same principle holds true for technology investments. Hospitality companies have one of the most complicated tech stacks imaginable. For the most part, due to data silos and integration issues, they are a mess. This challenging environment makes every technology choice that much more complicated and that much more important. Especially when it comes to essential guest and CRM soware. The technology must not only do its job well—serving to increase efficiency as well as revenue—but it also needs to play well with other applications. It must be built on a thorough understanding of what hotels and vacation rental companies (VRs) need in order to grow their business. It must also be implemented with the knowledge that 100 percent user adoption isn't just the goal—it's imperative. Therefore, a "good-enough" solution won't suffice for hotels that require every edge in occupancy and revenue, especially with booming new supply. Some would say that this is that old "you get what you pay for" argument. When it comes to indispensable technology like hospitality technology platforms, for instance, the truth is that if you settle, you'll end up paying more and doubling the length of time it takes to get the project done. With a less-than technology solution, you still must increase conversions and revenue, but it's less efficient, and you'll be paying for Band-Aids to try to keep up when the technology doesn't deliver. How & Why to Rethink Technology Choices

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