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RESERVATION SALES SUITE NAVIS Reservation Sales Suite is hospitality's leading so ware for reservations teams to manage leads, capture data, and sell more bookings from their voice channel. A fully integrated part of the NAVIS CRM, the Reservations Sales Suite helps hoteliers and vacation rental managers transform agent teams of all sizes from reservation takers into relationship builders and revenue-makers. Arm your reservations team with the tools and guest insights to capture "lead" data on every inquiry (i.e. name, email, phone number, etc). Lead or not-booked caller data will dramatically increase your marketing database and create the opportunity for new revenue streams through outbound calls. The NAVIS Hospitality CRM merges your voice channel with print and digital channels into a single platform aligning your reservations, marketing, and revenue teams around a single source of lead and guest data, empowering them to produce more direct revenue. EMPOWER RESERVATION SALES AGENTS TO CAPTURE & CONVERT MORE BOOKINGS VOICE-CHANNEL LEAD MANAGEMENT Capture and convert more direct revenue from the inbound calls you've already paid to generate. CAMPAIGN TRACKING & AGENT PERFORMANCE Measure the ROI of the marketing that drives inbound calls and improve your reservations team's ability to capture and convert more bookings. CREATE SUPERIOR GUEST EXPERIENCE Capturing and leveraging guest data allows you to personalize the guest experience within your voice channel. Outbound follow-up calls from your reservations team demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

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