The Three Big Myths of Email Marketing: How to Really Win Your Guests’ Loyalty

June 17, 2014 admin

Tired of lackluster revenue reports? “Join the Revenuetion” at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 23-26. NAVIS is driving a revenue revolution–our revenuetion–against even a single missed revenue opportunity from your voice and data channels. Meanwhile, follow the myth-busting tips below and start your own revenuetion to “Reach” a new level of effectiveness with your email marketing.

It’s time to make a revolutionary shift in your approach to guest loyalty. You–and your bottom line–will thank us when you do.

Guest loyalty traditionally describes how frequently current customers make return visits to your property. Guests enroll in loyalty programs to accumulate points, discounts, services, etc. This approach presents two challenges to an independent operator:

  • A loyalty program can be cumbersome to manage if you’re not a flagged property.
  • The rewards are not necessarily keyed to individual, specific guest preferences.

You’ve got to be smarter and more nimble than your flagged competitors.

Did you know that the best way to build guest loyalty is to be loyal to your guests?

Revenue magic happens when your focus shifts from making sales to nurturing relationships. How do you prove loyalty to your guests? Use the NAVIS Reach solution (rolled out earlier this year) to craft emails that build guest loyalty the most effective way–true one-to-one relationships.


They’re more than just a dollar amount. Every guest should also have a name, a face, and a set of activities and preferences associated with their reservation. That’s the NAVIS Reach secret to nurturing guest loyalty.

Once you’ve made that paradigm shift, you’re ready to recognize and conquer…

The Three Big Myths of Email Marketing

Myth 1. One-to-one email marketing means you batch, block, and put the customer’s name in the subject line and greeting.
Actually, that’s more like a typical email blast with a personalized label as an afterthought. True one-to-one marketing means that every email is personally relevant to the receiver at the time it’s sent. Such individual attention is possible because the NAVIS Reach CRM data marketing platform integrates with your PMS, voice channel (reservation agent lead forms), Point of Sales and more. You can automatically generate customized emails that target return guests as well as prospects who didn’t book. This lets you e-target instead of e-blast.

Myth 2. Gotta keep the brand constantly in front of potential guests.
If you invade the customer’s email box twice a month with unwanted communication, you risk brand exhaustion and increased opt out rates. People tend to opt out of yet another 50%-off offer sent at a time when they’re least likely to use it. A more successful strategy is to send emails that follow the lifecycles of your guests. For example, you might send a “thank-you” email two months after check out to remind a customer that she now qualifies as a preferred guest with special privileges. A “happy birthday” email could include a spa gift card. NAVIS Reach automatically scrubs and de-dupes your segmented email list, and allows you to automatically pre-schedule mailings when guests will be most receptive.

Myth 3. The goal of email marketing is to make a sale.
At NAVIS, we believe the point of email marketing is to create a reciprocal relationship with your guests. You prove your loyalty by delivering relevant content that reaches each guest when he/she wants it. How will you nail the timing and content? Because NAVIS Reach provides deep segmentation of your data. You’ll have attributes for guest behaviors (when they book, when they stay, what type of room they choose) and preferences (the activities they enjoy, how much money they spend). We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Email open rates increase by 350% when you customize content to guest preferences!

Send golfers an email in March that reveals the top 10 ways to get their game on for the upcoming season. Include an offer of 25% off a day of golf. Communicate about something the guest is interested in rather than make a pitch for the sale.

The deep segmentation available with NAVIS Reach assures that you reach the right guests at the right time with the right communication.

Remember the golden rule of successful email marketing: every good relationship is built on reciprocity. That includes your relationship with your guests!

Now that you’ve got email marketing down to a reciprocal science, come back next month when we’ll take up the task of “Transforming Your Sales.”

Join the Revenuetion; hope to see you at HITEC,

Michelle Marquis, NAVIS VP Marketing and Strategic Initiatives & Jason Ring, NAVIS Client Advocate & Data Marketing System Consultant


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