The Strategic Value of a Knowledgeable Business Coach

June 1, 2017 navisadmin

“Our NAVIS Client Advocate… is what we call our high performers, the “Crystal Difference.” He is part of our Crystal Mountain Family, and we owe a lot of our success to him. He is definitely a shining star.”

Sophia Hogarth, Reservation Sales Supervisor, Crystal Mountain Resort

Some technology vendors will toss over the keys and say “Good Luck.” Often support response times are lengthy, and there is little initial education and even less ongoing support. It’s not really a relationship, more of a transaction.

However, a relationship with your technology vendor is essential when your sales success and profitability hinges on it. These are the ways in which having a business coach on the sidelines working in tandem with your technology makes your sales and marketing operations more productive.

NAVIS is a family company in the way that we are closely connected to our clients, the way we care about meeting their basic needs, the way we ask to be included in important conversations, and the way we put our all into creating strategies for success. We’re also a family in the way that we love what we do and how we do it, so much so that our team has voted us The Oregonian’s Top Work Place for four consecutive years.

Make no mistake about our effusiveness: we know how to get down to business. Mohonk Mountain House reported greater than $2.5 million in incremental revenue from partnering with NAVIS, and among other things, their team rates NAVIS Client Advocates as an “Extremely Valuable” aspect of their service.1 Elizabeth Benson, Mohonk Mountain House’s Revenue Managers, says of their experience with NAVIS:

“Our Client Advocate has been very supportive. We feel as though he is one of our team. He provides insight and suggestions for improvements and inspires us to consider different options for our hurdles. He has been very supportive and a key player in our two annual Call Center Sales Summits that allow us to focus and train our Call Center Sales staff.”


Benson’s sentiments speak to a common question: Why, in a scenario where your company is fully staffed with savvy sales and marketing professionals, would a hospitality company benefit from a business coach?

Goals & Benchmarks

NAVIS Client Advocates set goals with clients and monitor progress through quarterly benchmarking. Not only does this promise ROI and ongoing roadmapping, but it also offers an insightful outside perspective on what’s happening industry-wide and where your operations stand relative to what others are doing.


Technology on its own has little use or at best is static in how much it produces; a human component is essential to making technology optimally productive. Client Advocates pro-actively review and coach your team to ensure that your technology investment has the greatest return. Reporting on results is automatic, and in addition to weekly calls, Client Advocates request a regular quarterly review with each of our clients.

Best Practices & Training

We know this industry and have written the go-to Best Practices Guide for hundreds of hospitality companies. From reservations sales best practices to strategies for getting the most value from your CRM, ongoing training keeps NAVIS clients competitive. Todd Gillespie, Director of Sales and Marketing at Destination Hotels & Resorts, notes that NAVIS isolated where rate increases were possible and coached the sales team to ask for it.

“They have helped Skamania Lodge increase its close rate while providing valuable training to help our Leisure Sales Team have the confidence to quote higher rates while not being overly concerned with losing the sale.”2

Data Interpretation Accuracy

A single set of data can be interpreted many different ways. An experienced industry coach not only ensures accurate conclusions but also helps you review data in a way that is usable. As an example, calculating conversions on all calls has little benefit. NAVIS calculates conversions on booking opportunity calls (though it can be viewed in myriad ways) to ascertain performance on bookable calls.

For every client, we go through a thoughtful business analysis, and recommend the level of service that is appropriate to each client’s goals. NAVIS services and technology are modular so that every client has the opportunity to choose the level of support that is right for their business. We know a small vacation rental company requires a different degree of technology and coaching than a real estate investment trust with a portfolio of destination resorts. If we’re not the right fit and can’t guarantee an ROI that will blow you away, we won’t do business with you.

All of this is what family looks like to us. Fortunately, it is an approach that makes our work and our clients’ work more enjoyable and productive. Best of all, our clients discover that this approach to strategy—the one that comes with a dedicated advocate—is a serious revenue producer.


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