The Mobile Shift and Your Voice Channel

August 2, 2013 admin

Mobile and tablet use is on the rise and “more and more people are using their phones or tablets to book travel.” This is what is being said all over the internet, in webinars, industry sites and just about all anyone talks about when discussing what is changing in hospitality marketing.

Here are the facts. 42% of hotel web traffic is sourced back to either a mobile or tablet device. But does this mean more traffic is actually coming to your site? Maybe, if you have a device-optimized website (i.e. responsive design) and your competitor does not. However, device usage has not created more demand, just changed how travelers research and possibly book their travel.

Of the online bookings sourced back from either a mobile or tablet device, only 1.5% of the total online bookings are from these devices (source: HeBS Digital).

What happened to the rest of those visitors? Some experts (okay me and a few smart emarketers) believe this revenue is showing up in reservation call centers. Unfortunately many of those reservation centers were not ready for how this new trend would affect them.

Quick, pay attention. Transient business is leading the recovery. ADR is leading the RevPar growth (STR). These type of travelers book directly with you. With travel research being conducted almost half of the time on a device, this leads to more voice traffic. Voice direct is the most profitable channel coming into your resort or hotel (Distribution Channel Analysis written by Cindy Estis Green and Mark Lamanno).

Conclusion…You have to pay close attention to how you manage your VOICE CHANNEL. Don’t be passive. Resource it. Measure it. Manage it. NAVIS it!

Michelle Marquis
Vice President – Sales

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