The Blog Is Here To Stay

July 18, 2013 admin

Welcome back to the NAVIS Blog. After a bit of a hiatus, it’s back with more great content. And what better way to start back up than to blog about blogs.

Clearly, blogs continue to be a growth industry. has over 100 million blogs, WordPress more than 60 million, LiveJournal more than 60 million, Weebly more than 10 million – and on and on. So there is no shortage of blogs and blog audiences.

But with the demise of Google Reader on July 1, simply the most popular RSS reader around, does that mean your blog is going to die a slow death? No. There are alternatives.

One reader that has stepped forward to fill those huge Google shoes is Digg. This is a great reader that I love to use. They have apps for the iPhone and iPad and say they are working on an Android app. Currently, they are crawling about 5 million blogs but that number is rocketing up.

So, keep blogging and find yourself a new reader. This media is a long way from finished.

Of course, when you get your reader, be sure to add to your list.

Bill Schlosser
Vice President – Marketing

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