The “7 Non-Negotiables” That Will Drive Your Leisure Revenue

February 12, 2014 admin

NAVIS VP of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Michelle Marquis (right) and System Consultant Stacie Bushaw (left) with Earvin “Magic” Johnson at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) in Los Angeles.
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Here’s the good word from Americas Lodging Investment Summit in sunny Los Angeles:

Transient occupancy is on the rise and will lead leisure industry growth in 2014. That’s according to both PKF Hospitality and Smith Travel Research.

What’s the best way to capture those increased transient bookings?

With your voice channel. The digital revolution in mobile devices has produced more voice inquiries than ever before. In fact, the voice channel drives 75-80% of revenue at many properties.

Did you know that a call conversion increase of just 5% can boost RevPAR by $7-$9 or more?


Your guests’ experience begins when they call for a reservation. Make sure your agents are good ambassadors, sales focused as well as well-versed in customer care.

Think of voice inquiries as potential guests waiting in line to book at your property. Make sure your staff is ready to convert those calls as often as possible with…

The 7 Non-Negotiables for Reservation Sales Agents

1. Use proper greeting.
Use your business’s full name, offer your own name, and ask for the guest’s name.

2. Use interactive dialog.
Use open-ended qualifying questions to understand the caller’s request. Leverage that information to build rapport and sell your property’s experience. For example, is the caller booking for an anniversary? If so, highlight your romantic dining options. If the guest is booking a family vacation, emphasize kid-friendly activities.

3. Personalize the conversation.
Use the caller’s name. Speak to what you’ve discovered about what’s important to him or her. Share a bit of yourself. For example, have you visited the venues that interest your potential guest? Give the caller a local’s viewpoint.

4. Convey confidence and pride / Give personal recommendations.
Give specific recommendations about why your property meets the caller’s needs. State the value of the product before stating the price.

5. Be professional and courteous.
Speak in slang-free, full sentences and use a natural, friendly tone. Avoid dead air and excessive hold time.

6. Ask for the reservation.
Now that you’ve earned the right, ask for the sale. It seems obvious, but our data shows that reservation agents skip this step 60% of the time!

7. In conclusion…thank the caller.



Do you operate a 4- or 5-Star, or 4- or 5-Diamond property? NAVIS RezForce LUX is designed to satisfy the specific criteria needed to maintain your prestigious status and generate bookings.

Do you want the best conversion rate possible? The NAVIS Narrowcast reservation system, backed by our Client Advocate Consulting Team will:

  Coach your reservation agents to use The 7 Non-Negotiables to maximum effect.
  Provide detailed call conversion data for targeted training and marketing.
  Provide Lead Management capabilities to help you capture 4 to 5 bookings per 10 inbound calls (or higher).

Our goal at NAVIS is to turn your reservation takers into reservation makers!

As a reminder, you can learn the latest about sales agent coaching, your surprising best revenue source, how to leverage your KPI, and much, much more at the 2014 NAVIS Leaders Conference, February 20-21. We’re meeting in the perfect venue for this time of year–the Orlando World Center Marriott. Put away your parka (at least temporarily) and join us.

And come back next month, when I’ll reveal “The Big Three”–the three things that make the biggest difference to driving leisure revenue.


See you in Orlando,
Michelle Marquis, NAVIS VP Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

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