Leisure Industry Experts Reveal Their #1 Secret: Know Thy Guests!

March 5, 2015 NAVIS

Every year NAVIS updates its clients on the latest industry news, trends, technology, and best practices for driving revenue. The 2015 NAVIS Leaders Conference (NLC) drew one of the largest crowds ever. Seventy percent were returning attendees and 30% were first-timers. The conference drew strong attendance from both independent hotels/resorts and vacation rental management groups.

“One-to-one guest intelligence”

Get used to the concept, because it’s the #1 secret to driving revenue for the foreseeable future.

That’s the loud, clear message delivered by hospitality experts gathered last month for the 2015 NAVIS Leaders Conference. Our clients learned what new innovations will book more guests and how each property can benefit. Read on for highlights:

One-to-One Marketing

  • Your guests today expect even more than an experience tailored to their individual preferences. They also look for one-to-one marketing that appeals to their tastes and travel cycles, advised CRM pioneer Don Peppers. Properties must capture guest data at every opportunity. Peppers revealed the latest trends, tools, and technologies to do just that. In a special Q&A session for marketing disciplines, he discussed how independent hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals (VRs) can match the one-to-one marketing muscle of flagged properties.
  • NAVIS conducted in-depth sessions that briefed clients on data-based solutions that drive maximum revenue with one-to-one marketing. NAVIS Narrowcast increases your current inbound channel conversion rate by up to 30%. NAVIS Reach launches one-to-one marketing campaigns that touch guests at just the right time with opportunities based on their life cycle triggers.
  • Which session got the biggest buzz? A hot contender was the briefing on the new NAVIS Listing Lead Management (LLM) for vacation rental management companies that depend on listing companies such as HomeAway as a distribution channel. First, LLM consolidates all lead data from email (and telephone) inquiries generated by the same household into one record (or persona). Next, LLM ranks those leads according to their value for your business. Finally, NAVIS Auto-Agent can generate intelligent, automatic responses to each lead. What did VRs get excited about during LLM product run-throughs? It streamlines processes, generates significantly more information about leads, and makes follow-up and conversion of listing inquiries easier for reservation sales agents.

The Word from the Top

  • New this year: the NAVIS leadership team open forum during which attendees could quiz our execs directly about next steps for our company and new product innovations.
  • NAVIS CEO Kyle Buehner hosted a special session for hospitality company leaders, with insights and best practices to drive organizational success.
  • Harris Rosen, president and CEO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts (management company of our meeting venue, the Rosen Center), spoke about his career, his company’s place in today’s hospitality industry, and its plans for the future.

Take-a-Way Tweets




We Our Clients

Home office staff and Client Advocates alike enjoy the chance to interact every year with our clients in the NAVIS Leaders Conference group setting. It’s a shot in the arm for all involved: Clients leave updated on best practices and product knowledge. NAVIS staff become further inspired by hearing first-hand stories about how our solutions and expertise help our clients succeed.

We’re back in our offices with renewed focus on the best ways to meet your needs in the coming year.

Michelle Marquis, NAVIS VP Marketing and Strategic Initiatives


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