How to Create a CRM Request for a Proposal (RFP) for Hospitality

May 14, 2019 Lis Thomas

Get Your RFP Template To Finding A CRM Platform

As a hospitality professional, you know you need the right data and systems in place to bring your teams all onto one page--to improve efficiency, better personalize the guest experience, and see ROI. If you’re thinking about making a move to a new hospitality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform or are looking to implement a CRM for your hotel or vacation rental business for the first time, the options might seem daunting. 


Here’s the thing: When you are looking into bringing on a CRM partner for your property or hospitality business, you don’t just want to focus on solving a problem for only one part of your company. A complete Hospitality CRM needs to support multiple facets of your business and property or properties. But how do you know which organizational objectives should be considered, what goals should be met--by implementing a CRM platform, and which departments or teams should be supported? 


Getting the best hospitality CRM possible for your hotel or vacation rental business, starts with writing a comprehensive and thoughtful request for a proposal (RFP).  


So, with that in mind, the real question becomes; What should your RFP include?  


To start, you should focus on providing a strong organizational overview. But equally essential is the exercise of sufficiently detailing your goals and objectives, the scope of your ideal CRM (including which roles and departments will be utilizing the platform), technical requirements, as well as integrations, training, and support. 


All these components (if included in your RFP) take time and attention to detail. That’s why we've created the ultimate Hospitality CRM RFP Guidebook and Checklist, for you and the hundreds of clients we’ve served, to help you work through the process of finding the perfect CRM solution for your hotel or vacation rental business--without feeling like you are missing a key consideration that will cause you and your business to suffer later. 


Read the full RFP Guidebook & Checklist for more helpful tools, tips and a templated approach to finding the ideal CRM platform for your hospitality business. You’ll learn things like: 

  • Understanding what your property or business needs 

  • What your CRM should include 

  • A checklist to make sure you include all the right information for prospective partners 

  • And more 


Read the full eBook here

eBook You RFP Guidebook & Checklist To Finding The Right Hospitality CRM


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