High-Tech Meets High Touch: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Guests Feel the Love

December 17, 2014 NAVIS

High-tech or the personal touch…which trend will you follow in 2015? Say “yes” to both and watch your leisure revenue grow!

Wherever hospitality thought leaders gathered in 2014, the buzz was the same: your guests want a unique experience based on their personal preferences. What used to be the emerging trend is fast becoming business as usual.

Is your property ready to take advantage?

If not, never fear! Technology to the rescue! Collect information on current and potential guests every time they contact and stay with you. Learn who they are and what they prefer. Create a relationship that nurtures them as guests for life.

How? It’s called one-to-one marketing and we’ll feature the master guru at our 2015 NAVIS Leaders Conference, February 5-6, in Orlando, Florida. NAVIS hosts an annual conference to brief and educate our clients on industry news, trends, technology, and best practices. This year, one of our guest speakers is Don Peppers, who launched the CRM revolution along with co-author Martha Rogers in their 1993 book, The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time.


A conference preview:

One-to-one marketing succeeds when you establish a learning relationship with your customers. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to better understand their preferences.  When you do, you can tailor your product to meet their needs. They’ll come back to you again and again, because you’ve put in the effort to learn what they like–and deliver it!

NAVIS technology puts the principles of one-to-one marketing to work for the hospitality industry. NAVIS Reach real-time CRM marketing system gathers data from your PMS and other hospitality programs to profile your most valuable prospects. We arm you with a CRM system built specifically for the hospitality industry that allows you to take full advantage of…

3 Essential Steps for One-to-One Marketing Success

1.  Build a persona for each guest. Collect information in these key areas:

  • Data – What time of year does the guest book? How often? In which room(s)? What is the person’s preferred lead-time for booking?
  • Behavior – Did the guest use the spa or golf course? Book snowboarding lessons? Attend the local wine festival?
  • Preferences – Does the guest have children? Book family vacations? Celebrate an anniversary at your property?

NAVIS Reach collects and then organizes guest data into one powerful, user-friendly CRM and marketing platform.

2.  Use guest personas to take your one-to-one marketing to a whole new level.

NAVIS Reach enables you to design and automatically send out marketing messages based on as much profile data detail as you desire. Do you want to reach ski enthusiasts who book family vacations in February? Golfers who prefer a five-month lead time to book their tournament stay? June anniversary couples with an ADR of at least $500? Launch an automated marketing message every day that touches recipients with the right message at just the right time in their travel planning.

NAVIS Reach Lifecycle automatically emails guests based on specific triggers throughout their lifetimes. NAVIS Reach StayCycle targets guests with messages before, during, and after their stay.

3. Create a strategic plan to increase the lifetime value of your guests.

You’ve got the data–now crunch the numbers and market to your greatest strategic advantage. NAVIS Reach ProServices deploys the hospitality industry’s best marketing team to help you build an e-strategy from the ground up, fine-tune your latest campaign, or take on any task in between.

21st century guests–led by Millennial travelers–expect you to know who they are, what they want, and when to contact them. It is no longer reasonable to expect guest loyalty. You’ve got to be loyal to your guests. Start with one-to-one marketing and speak to them when, where, and how they prefer.

Next month, I’ll continue the theme of guest-centric messaging with a discussion about Pragmatic Marketing. Learn why technology companies–including those in the hospitality industry–are focusing on customer-driven solutions.



Happy Holidays,

Michelle Marquis, NAVIS VP Marketing and Strategic Initiatives



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