Google AdWords and TWI: What’s new?

May 15, 2015 NAVIS

You might have heard recently about an upcoming change to how Google AdWords handles their URLs. Google has supplied a help sheet to walk you through this process:

With this change, there are a few things to be aware of as a NAVIS client to ensure that your TWI and marketing tracking continue functioning optimally. We’ve done the legwork and reviewed what the AdWords update will mean for you and how it may apply to your NAVIS TWI URLs or dynamic coding.

Possible NAVIS Impact to TWI:

The way that Google AdWords has worked up until now is that AdWords ads and keyword tracking relied on the Destination URL, which was made up of the landing page URL in blue and the tracking parameters in green. ( In this case, Keyword being the NAVIS Campaign Keyword

To ensure proper tracking and no loss of functionality for your NAVIS Campaign Keyword Code, you will want to be sure your AdWords Manager lists this same URL Link with the NCK Code in the Final URL section of the Ad Set up (seen below).

TWI AdWords

*NAVIS Does not have access to change these parameters for clients. Best practice is to check with your AdWords Account Manager regarding these settings.

Given that TWI is only making a site content change by updating the campaign phone number displayed on your webpage and NAVIS is not tracking any data through a redirect, the tracking templates and custom parameters will not be necessary unless you have a more advanced justification forutilizing that functionality. At a minimum, the final URL should include the NCK parameter so that TWI can track the campaign number appropriately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this migration and how it affects NAVIS TWI, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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