Get Your Reservation Sales & Marketing Teams Working Together For Improved Guest Experience

April 10, 2019 Lis Thomas

What's the biggest complaint you hear regularly from the leaders of your Reservation Sales and Marketing teams? We'll bet it has something to do with feeling disjointed or that there is a lack of collaboration and/or communication between members of the two teams. Does this sound familiar?

In a recent Lodging Magazine article, NAVIS CEO Kyle Buehner digs into the topic of getting your Reservation Sales and Marketing teams on the same page by utilizing the same set of data for both teams to make important decisions.

Gain insights into how certain platforms and strategic changes can change the dynamic on your teams to bring them together around the same data set, make better and more collaborative decisions, that will ultimately lead to improved guest loyalty.

Read the full article, here

Hotels should instead think of marketing as a lead generator and reservation sales as the lead nurturers. What’s required for reservation sales to nurture a lead and convert it is a complete understanding of where the lead originated and what the pathway has been. This suggests everything about what criteria the guest is using to evaluate properties. - Kyle Buehner, CEO

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