Get to Know the NAVIS Product Team

June 27, 2019 Lis Thomas

At NAVIS we take great pride in finding the best talent to make the right decisions for our clients, business and industry. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our growing NAVIS Product team. A group of innovative minds, with the right mix of ideation and execution to put forth amazing products and innovations in conjunction with the NAVIS Engineering team. The Product Team at NAVIS is a lean and highly talented and experienced team. Let’s get to know the players!


Joelle Poe, VP of Product, NAVIS

Meet Joelle Poe, VP of Product

Joelle Poe joined NAVIS as the Vice President of Product Solutions in June 2019. With an extensive background in product marketing and development, Joelle is a self-declared product geek and expert. Prior to joining NAVIS, Joelle spent over 10 years building technology and data products for the healthcare industry, spanning from predictive models to create personalized patient health plans to developing RFID tags for healthcare diagnostics. Joelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from George Mason University and an MBA from the University of Oregon. Her passion for designing and delivering personalized travel experiences is rooted in her childhood, at which time she assisted her mother at the inn where she worked as an Inn-Keeper. This unique background gave her the drive and jumpstarted her interest in product development!


Joelle has a passion for helping companies turn ideas into products their customers love. In her downtime, Joelle is an avid reader, runner, and maker.


Josh Zuniga, Product Manager

Meet Josh Zúñiga, Product Manager

Josh Zúñiga joined the NAVIS team as a Product Manager in April 2019. With a background in high tech as a developer, Josh spent 10 years designing digital and physical products spanning AR/VR headsets, mobile devices and cross-device AI voice assistants at a number of tech giants, including Google, HP, Intel, and eBay. He is also an inventor, holding a number of patents in each of these areas. He studied Computer Science at Oregon State University and then attended Carnegie Mellon University for graduate school where he studied study Human-Computer Interaction.


Josh has lived across the globe, from French Canada, Portugal to the UK. Today he still loves to travel regularly with his wife Katie and two young boys. They are passionate about immersing themselves in different local cultures, languages, and food. Josh also has a propensity for participating in high-impact and high-energy activities like sky diving, wind, and wave surfing as well as skiing. On occasion, Josh will slow down to angle Oregon’s famed red-side trout in the Deschutes River.



Brad Cason, Product Manager

Brad Cason is a Product Manager has over 15 years of professional experience as an operational leader within the software and telecom industries.

Prior to his current role, Brad served as the Operations Manager at NAVIS, where he focused on both the client experience and creating consistent, scalable processes to lead his team to accomplish a 99.67% overall client satisfaction rating. Before his time with the company, Brad worked for a large cellular corporation out of Philadelphia as the Billing and Operations Manager, responsible for the management and administration of all billing and support systems necessary for client functionality and invoicing.

Brad has 4 children and believes there is almost no problem that a checklist can’t fix. Brad loves living in Bend, Oregon primarily for its amazing microbrew beer, and would love to talk to anyone about what team Kevin Durant will sign with this offseason.


With all of this talent on the growing NAVIS Product Team, it’s easy to see why NAVIS is the leading CRM in Hospitality. Find out more about NAVIS products and services.

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