Carrying Peak Season Success through Shoulder Season


You just had a great peak season, but now you may be wondering how to carry that success into the shoulder season. For many seasonal properties, the pressure to reach maximum capacity during peak season puts a major strain on hoteliers and vacation rental managers, oftentimes leading to a lack of smart strategies for shoulder season. But, your off-peak periods don’t have to equal a major slump. Capturing data when you are at peak occupancy can help you convert unbooked leads to shoulder season guests.

Collect Data and Convert to Bookings

Instead of developing an extensive new marketing strategy, implementing a complete CRM like NAVIS can help you leverage the influx of reservation inquiries to effectively – and efficiently – market to your existing database to bolster off-peak times. In short, prepare for shoulder season during peak season by capturing, monitoring, and analyzing your unbooked, booked, and past data.  By collecting these insights while you’re operating at maximum capacity, come shoulder season, you will be equipped with an ample amount of valuable data that can help you successfully remarket and secure more bookings.

Streamlining your year-round marketing efforts with a complete CRM like NAVIS can be extremely beneficial as disconnected systems can hinder even the best team’s efforts to consistently draw in a high volume of guests throughout the entire year. Not all inquiries are going to lead to bookings, but if you capture data from all leads – including contact information and details about why they didn’t book – you can use this information to proactively and strategically target leads. For example, you could target everyone who didn’t book because of rate resistance with a special shoulder season offer. This strategy of converting unbooked to booked business can carry your property through shoulder season.

Increase Reservation Sales Efficiencies

Lead management tools empower agents to seamlessly work all reservation inquiries as sales leads. By taking a more pro-active stance in your marketing efforts, you can increase your team’s efficiency and improve conversion rates. With call monitoring and coaching, agents can not only handle a higher call volume, but they can also prioritize time to make outbound calls or follow up with hot leads that have already expressed interest.

Enhance Marketing Campaigns

Data is only valuable if you actually use it. By using a CRM, you can incorporate the data you collect into services like powerful list management, personalized email marketing, stay communications, guest surveys, and more to enhance your shoulder season performance. Even more, reservation agents can use the data collected to sell ancillary activities and services after a booking is made, increasing average revenue per stay.

Results in Action

Let’s take a closer look at one of our clients – a seasonal property that brings in 70% of its revenue during a five to six month period each year – and how they decided to implement new strategies. The property’s focus was on optimizing reservation sales and rates during peak season; integrating NAVIS’s services into its business in May, before peak season, empowered their reservation team to become more sales driven as opposed to order takers. The property incorporated NAVIS’s reservation sales technology, training, and best practices in capturing leads into its business.

The numbers speak for themselves; the property experienced:

  • 18% increase in revenue per booking
  • conversion rate growth from 53% to 65%
  • 42% increase in outbound revenue, totaling $254,000+, which contributed 12% of total booked revenue over one season


Because of NAVIS, this property had access to data that allowed it to adjust its rates, which led to increased revenue to carry it through shoulder season. Even more, the company has been achieving year-over-year revenue goals for 20 straight months since introducing NAVIS to its sales team.

Proactively Plan Ahead

Preparing for a successful shoulder season requires a lot of planning and commitment, but utilizing a platform that is designed to streamline your job and help you achieve year-round success offers immediate benefits. Taking an active stance will help you avoid hitting the slump of shoulder and slow seasons at all.

NAVIS can help you streamline your marketing efforts by offering a single source of guest and lead data from both digital and call center touchpoints. Capturing this data will not only provide new leads to market to during the shoulder and slow seasons, but it can also offer enough insight to give you the confidence to adjust your rates, which can lead to increased revenue.

For a complimentary performance analysis with insights into how you can drive even more peak season revenue, try our performance calculator and contact us for a personalized analysis.

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