Americans are on the Move and There’s a Brand New Way to Book ‘Em

January 23, 2014 admin

NAVIS plans to increase its “reach” in more ways than one. That’s why CEO Kyle Buehner and VP of Sales Michelle Marquis traveled to the VRMA European Seminar last month in Bruges, Belgium. Kyle called it “the perfect opportunity to explore the market for NAVIS solutions outside North America.”

Hello 2014! Upbeat travel news is a great way to start the year:

  • 61% of Americans plan to take a vacation this year, according to the US Travel Insurance Association.
  • 70% say they will take one or two trips.
  • 30% report plans for three or more.

What’s the most effective way for lodging companies to capture those travelers and increase bookings?

NAVIS Reach — the world’s first and only marketing automation platform that completely integrates with your voice channel. That’s a crucial new capability, because most guests book their leisure travel by phone. And with the explosion of mobile devices, travelers are using their phones more than ever.reach_results

NAVIS’ Best Practices and business coaches will help customize NAVIS Reach for your operation’s success. Positive results…and your bottom line…speak for themselves.

Did you know that email open rates increase 350% when messages are customized to guest preferences?
Customization also boosts conversion rates by 50%! So why e-blast when you can e-target?

Here’s how that translates into increased revenue:
    A prospect calls your property to inquire about Spring Break. Your agent fills out a lead form with all
the details.

    The moment that agent hits “SAVE,” NAVIS Reach immediately and automatically generates a
customized email. It includes booking dates, prices, and activities discussed during the call, plus
promotions tailored to the prospect’s preferences.

    Didn’t capture the booking? NAVIS Reach allows you to automatically generate ongoing emails
with individualized offers.

    Email your return prospects with special promotions customized to their interests.

NAVIS Reach has the intelligence to nurture each and every prospect in a one-to-one, personalized way – The NAVIS Way.

It’s not just about voice. We’ve got you covered with NAVIS 360 CRM. Capture guest data from your website, property management system, external lists, and more.

Looking for more practical revenue-generating ideas from lodging industry innovators?

Attend the 2014 NAVIS Leaders Conference, February 20-21 at the Orlando World Center Marriott. And stay tuned to this space for more solutions to your biggest reservation sales and marketing challenges.

If you can’t make it to sunny Florida, tell us about your 2014 goals in the comment space below.

Happy New Year!

Jason Ring
Client Advocate & Data Marketing System Consultant

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