A Note to the NAVIS Community




Dear NAVIS Community,


We realize that the continually changing COVID-19 situation represents an unprecedented time for our communities, clients, and partners. In these challenging and uncertain times, we want you to know that our hearts go out to you and that we are here with you ready to assist. 

The NAVIS team is taking a calm and measured response in the wake of coronavirus. We know our industry faces tough times in the weeks and months ahead. But we believe the economy – and hospitality – will bounce back quickly, emerging with a renewed sense of connection and love for travel. Our commitment to each of you is that we will maintain a proactive posture, monitor these fast-moving developments, and adjust our plans accordingly.


During this time, we’re operating with three guiding principles:

Keep our team members and their families safe

Be a community partner by helping slow the spread of coronavirus and ensure medical services are available to those in need
Continue to serve our clients in any way we can


OUR CLIENTS                 

Our industry is obviously one of the hardest hit by the virus. We know you are struggling with cancellations, closures, and a myriad of other issues as demand continues to erode. However, an end to this crisis will come and the sun will shine again. Your team at NAVIS is here to support you now and into the future.

NAVIS has been in business for over 30 years. During that time, we have helped clients recover from devastating events including hurricanes, fires, oil spills, recessions, and terrorist attacks. Throughout those experiences, we have learned that events like these always end with a phase of growth, or “climbing out.” 

I sincerely believe that NAVIS can be of greatest help during that climbing out phase. At its most basic level, our promise to you – our clients – is to help you book more reservations from existing demand, and create more reservations from previous guests and leads. At a time when demand is reduced, together, we must do all that we can with what remains.



Our top priority has always been the safety of our employees and the community.  As a company, we are fortunate in many ways, including that our cloud-based technology allows most of us to work effectively from home. 

We are committed to limiting the exposure to COVID-19 transmission among our team members, clients, and partners while maintaining the same commitment to the highest level of client service, responsiveness, and platform reliability. Rest assured that NAVIS is operating at 100% and that our team is here for you.


Our client success strategists, support, and education teams are standing by to help. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to offer answers and insights. Our team believes that it’s our responsibility to help you weather this storm with our combined experience, passion and technology.

Here are a few ways we’re trying to help:

Tips and ideas from our strategists and partners to help build a resilient brand and business
Free Shopping Cart Abandonment for all clients for 90 days with zero obligation at the end of that period
The NAVIS online community coronavirus & recession-related discussions (requires login)

We're committed to supporting the industry with data, advice, and support as we collectively navigate this challenging time. Don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything we can do to support your business. We encourage you to reach out to your Client Strategists with any questions and concerns — let’s work through this together. 


This pandemic will not last forever. We trust in the resilience of our people, our communities, and our technology. We will all come through this and continue to build a great partnership together.




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