3 Ways Your Property Can bGREAT (We’ll Reveal All at HITEC 2015!)

May 29, 2015 NAVIS
Are you ready for summer?

No matter when your high season hits, prospective and returning guests are your golden key to a profitable year.

Just in time for the vacation crowd, harness NAVIS technology, best practices, and trusted Client Advocates to optimize the lifetime value of your guests and prospects.

Here are three ways that hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals can get ready to bGREAT:


NAVIS’ robust cloud platform and products are fully integrated with your direct channel, property management and reservation systems, and online marketing for automatic targeting of your best prospects. The result? You’ll stay top of mind as their preferred destination when they are ready to book.


The first commandment for revenue generation? KNOW THY GUEST! Personalized, 1:1 guest marketing and service is the platinum hospitality standard for the foreseeable future. It starts as soon as you pick up the phone to answer a guest call. NAVIS has your property covered, with solutions that capture guest data from your direct channel, as well as online. Every time your valued guests or hot prospects contact you, you’ll offer the outstanding experience that drives repeat business.


NAVIS guarantees dramatic increases in revenue, profitability, and guest lifetime stay value when you put our innovative sales and marketing solutions to work for your property. How does that work? You drive, capture, convert, and manage more demand. Your rich information cache fuels strategic and daily decisions that increase reservations productivity, sales and marketing efficiency, and call center operations.

Outperform competitors and capture a greater market share. Sound like a plan? Come learn more by visiting Booth 2321 at HITEC 2015, June 15 – 18 in Austin, Texas. The NAVIS “Solutions Station” will show you how to solve specific common business challenges so your property can bGREAT.


We also know how to win over your techie heart. We’ll be giving away an Apple Watch each day of the conference. Simply stop by the booth to register.

See you at HITEC!

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